Making the Best of It

It seems like the U.S. News and other media sources publish about 5 lists a year outlining the "best cities for recent graduates" or "best cities for young people". It's exciting to read about the top ten cities highlighted and imagine what life could be like living there. But what if your city/ town/ village/ hamlet doesn't make the cut? (I grew up in a hamlet.. that's when a place is too small to even be considered a village ...yeah..picture that one).

Does it mean you should spend your days badmouthing your surroundings until you can make it to one of the post grad cities on this list? No! Unless you enjoy being miserable.

When I made the decision to move to Rochester, NY after graduation, most people said, "why????" There were even a few "ewws" thrown in for good measure. In fact, the only list I've ever seen Rochester appear on was one talking about cities with the most snowfall in the country.

[ The deck of my old apartment last winter here in Rochester ]

At first I let my mind get lost in the opinions of others (many of which had never even seen the city), but then I realized that if I wanted to enjoy my time here, it was time to think positively!

Want to know why Rochester gets a ton of snow? It's because we are located next to a huge lake that is absolutely beautiful during the spring/summer/fall. A lake so huge that when you sit on the beach it's like you're looking out onto the ocean.

Another perk to the Rochester snow... once winter is over, people here are always out and about! We have multiple festivals every weekend of summer.. ranging from a Lilac Festival, to Jazz Festival, to Greek Festival, Canal Days, and countless other free music events.

[ My mom on a boat ride in downtown Rochester last summer ]

I could go on and on about Rochester, but the moral of this post is simple: you are the only one who can determine how enjoyable your surroundings are. You have to make fun for yourself and seek out unique things available in the area you live.

Take it from the girl who spent 18 years living in a hamlet where the highlights included walking to the local deli/ post office... it can be done in any location.

What about you readers- do you live in a location that some might view as less than desirable? How do you make the best of it?


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