Day Trips: Winery

The past two weekends my friends and I decided to visit some semi-local wineries. Wine, along with books, is one of my favorite things. I own a wine glass that will hold an entire (standard) bottle of wine. No joke. It is my favorite.

And if you missed this tidbit, I am now a resident of Virginia, which happens to be somewhat of a wine country. So to celebrate my new home and my huge love, we decided wineries were the place to go.
Memorial Day weekend we visited the Barrel Oak winery. It was about 45 minutes away but there was a BBQ in addition to the usual tastings. After we arrived we realized the whole place was based on love of dogs. The tasting menus were labeled "BOW" (also an acronym for the winery itself) and "WOW." I personally thought that the "WOW" menu had something to do with the quality of the wine. It included a wine called the Chocolate Lab - a red wine with hints of cocoa. There were also pictures of dogs on many of the bottles you could order. There were also several dogs in attendance, lending to the canine theme all around. Between the wine, dogs and cornhole that was provided it was a very enjoyable day in wine country.

Last weekend we ventured a little farther to Naked Mountain Winery. Yes, you read that correctly, the winery is a tribute to nudity. Their motto, in fact, is "Drink Naked." Don't mind if I do! This winery had a much different feel than the last. It was smaller, with less people and more open space. Overall a much more chill place to be. The wine was just as good, though.I think it's something about drinking wine at the place it was created in the midst of the vineyards they came from that makes wine taste better.

Both weekends were very memorable, and I was able to add some more commemorative wine glasses to my collection. None will ever compare to my Whole Bottle Glass, but they are a good reminder of the good times we had at the wineries. I highly recommend going to one if you ever have the chance. They are beautiful and a fantastic day trip to take post grad. If you haven't gathered by now, this is the reason I have not been posting the past couple weekends. I needed to take a break at some point though, so this weekend has been void of a new winery so I could have time to let you all know where the best times are had.

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  1. I've only just begun to develope my love of wine this year and haven't yet had the opportunity to visit any wineries, but I so very much want to!