Moving Weekend

As is my usual style, it is moving weekend and I haven't packed yet. I'm beginning to get really sad about moving. I have been living at Fessenden for 3 years. That's right, 3 years. I never had to deal with the moving drama because we found an amazing house our first time around and just didn't leave. This is very atypical for college students and post grads. I have been in a little bubble of comfort for 3 years.

And now I'm being pushed out of it. And I need to somehow pack three years worth of crap. So far I am failing.

Last night was the last night I will sleep at Fessenden. My bed goes to the new place today. I have thrown my sheets in the washer and took apart the frame.

While I've been in my bubble of comfort I have also forgotten how much work it is to move. The packing, the washing, the cleaning, the disassembling, the reassembling, all of it is very exhausting.

I will update you all during the next break I have in this process. Have a happy Sunday!


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