I Don't Answer My Phone After 10pm

Remember when we were kids and our parents wouldn't let us use the phone after like 8pm? They considered it either disrespectful for someone to call so "late" or insisted that it was no longer time to be social but to be in bed reading. At the time I thought my mother was a kill joy and I resented her for stifling my social butterfly from emerging. She wasn't in middle school so obviously she had no idea how important it was for me to be able to answer that call.

Now, as a post grad a year out from graduation, I don't answer my phone after 10pm. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule in certain circumstances.
  1. If I am expecting your call/text I will answer.
  2. If I happen to still be out at dinner or other such social occasion, I will answer.
  3. If a call/text comes through more than three times I will likely come to the conclusion it is important and answer.
  4. If it's any of my sisters they have a special exception and I will answer.

Other than that I see no need to answer my phone after 10pm on a weeknight. This is when I would like to be in my bed. Relaxing. In sweats. With Tea. This is ME time and should not be interrupted. Don't take it personally.


  1. i really hope you answer my random call one of these nights :)

  2. when someone calls after 10 these days, I assume that there's been a death or something equally terrible. Seriously, I've become my mother.