One Year Anniversary

Next week marks the one year anniversary of my college graduation. American University for whatever reason, finished strangely early. And somehow it seems like maybe a month has passed since we threw up those caps.

I am nowhere near where I was hoping to be career wise 1 year out of college. I don't have a job in my field, or anywhere close to my field. However, I have come to terms with the fact that this job has taught me a lot and will help me get a position in the field of my dreams, eventually.

Some things I HAVE accomplished since graduation:
  1. Being able to rent an apartment without a cosigner. That's right, my credit checked out and I can do it all on my own.
  2. Went to a foreign country alone.
  3. Successfully completed my first payroll audit.
  4. Mastered Moroccan cooking
  5. Got a 2nd tattoo
  6. Volunteered on Christmas instead of indulging myself.

I'm ok with that list for now. And in the next year I hope to accomplish so much more. Happy 1 year anniversary post grads!


  1. Shikole, it sounds like you vomited caps. After today, that lol was seriously needed.

  2. I'm proud to say I was there to witness/partake in said throwing up of caps :)

  3. Heather, I'm glad my little pun could help. Happy Thursday!