Adult Dorms

It's moving week for me! Over the next few days I will be transferring all of my things into a new studio apartment. Since living on my own (aka not in a college dorm), I've always lived in houses that were divided up into apartments, this will be my first time in an actual apartment building. Here are a few differences I've noticed so far as I've been moving my life from my old apartment to my new one.

1. It's harder to move into a new apartment when you live in a secure building and every door is locking behind you constantly.

2. Apartment buildings remind me of dorms, so I am always a little surprised when I see a child or older person walking through the halls.

3. Grocery shopping is about to become more difficult with a parking lot across a fairly busy street from my apartment. I'm thinking about buying a little cart to help me lug my groceries across the street. Readers that live in the city- how do you deal with this??

4. Apartment buildings have a maitenance staff that is always on call instead of one landlord that has to handle everything.

5. Secure building = way more keys. I only had two keys for my last apartment (one for the basement and one for the actual apartment). I have five keys for this apartment and now sound like a janitor whenever I take my wallet out of my purse.

I'll post some before photos of my apartment in the next few days!


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