I Lost My Train of Thought

As it often does, my train of thought has decided to depart without warning. This happens to me at the worst possible moments, like in the middle of explaining to my boss why I have not yet finished that impossible spreadsheet he asked for just 5 minutes ago. Or when I finally get up the energy to walk downstairs and forget what amazing culinary concoction I was about to whip up.
This time, Post Grads, it affects you. I had an awesome post planned in my head. I spent my entire drive home from the office thinking about it. The title, the content, what picture I would use, the links I should include, everything.

THEN, as soon as I get home, and take my coat off to come share my brilliance with you all, BAM. It's gone. All gone. I really hope that my train of thought will return to me sooner rather than later, but for now I thought I would share with you all a small annoyance that is a part of my life.


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