Happy Birthday Shikole!

Shikole turns 23 today- everyone wish her a Happy Birthday! To celebrate I thought I'd fill you guys in on how we met!

Shikole and I first met and became friends in 7th grade when we were alphabetically seated next to each other in French class. Since we both took honors classes, we quickly realized that we had pretty much every class together. This continued into high school where we again had multiple classes together and partnered on many, many projects. 1920's themed fashion show for english class? Yeah, that happened. She and I seemed to magically fall into this great group of friends that all still talk to each other today- five years out of high school.

Our senior year, Shikole and I both participated in a law internship program (ha) and got the chance to carpool to our internship placements and to class together. We had tons of adventures that year and many more since then, including skipping classes to eat ice cream on our local tressel bridge, living together for a summer in d.c. and driving into Virginia just for Taco Bell, expressing our shared love for pickles (we liked them before you, snookie!), eating nerds rope in various parking lots to de-stress in our small town... I'm beginning to realize that most of our fun times involve food...

Regardless, she is one friend that I know I can always count on for an honest opinion, a fun time, and apparently, good food. I wish I could be there to celebrate her birthday today, but I will have to wait until we meet up on Pennsylvania at the end of the month! (More on that exciting trip to come!)

Happy Birthday Shikole!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Shikole! I hope you have a great day. It is my boyfriend's birthday today too. :)