Snow Day

Oh wait... no. Snow days don't exist anymore in the post grad world!

While I believe that many parts of my undergraduate education failed to prepare me for the working world, this was actually not one of them. My college, located in very winter-y Western, NY, had two official "snow days" the entire four years I attended. Both were during my freshman year. One was due to a blizzard, and the other because the insane wind chill made in dangerous for us to walk outside. Apparently those snow days were the first in 50+ years.

So basically, I'm used to figuring out ways to make it to class and work during inclement weather. The difference now is that I am reliant on a car to get me to my job that is about 10- 15 minutes from my apartment. In college, I either lived on campus, or close enough where I could walk to campus if I needed to. In post grad life, it seems like the annoyance of winter weather is magnified.

To cope, I'm trying my best to make sure that my car maintenance is up to date, that I have my handy small shovel in my trunk, and an ice scraper. Today I avoided the nearest highway, where people tend to get into accidents if it's raining outside, and opted to take slower city streets home from work. Remembering to brake slowly and avoiding sudden jerks of the steering wheel are two more tips that have helped me stay safe in the snow these past few years.

Happy un-snow day post grads!

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  1. That's my girl.....careful, slow and steady. This is what has kept you safe during your 6+ years of driving. When life throws you too much snow, make a snow cone and remember how we used to add syrup to make it taste yummy when you were little. Hang in there honey, spring will be here before you know it.