Istanbul or Bust

During our giveaway a reader had requested more posts about travel. Lucky for Rachel, I plan on doing just that when I get my tax return. I have been considering many places to go for my 10 vacation days from work. I was thinking Israel because I love Jewish men, and also Germany because I'm German and love beer. I considered Maldives because my roommate showed me a gorgeous hotel and resort there that has an underwater restaurant. But I think I have decided that I really want to go to Istanbul. I went online and found a round trip plane ticket as well as 7 nights at a hotel for only $850. I would go in March around my birthday and fly out during the week which cuts down on flight costs.

Hotel Agan is the best one I found. It is located within walking distance of the Blue Mosque, one of the many sights I plan on seeing while there. It's officially called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque but gained it's nickname because of the blue tiles inside.

The Topkapi Palace is another site I plan on visiting. It was the main residence for the Sultan during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. I would love to walk through such a beautiful building and gardens that has been in existence for so long. I'm especially interested in visiting the Harem. I've read about them in so many books and want to actually see what one looks like.

The last place currently on my list of places to visit is the Grand Bazaar. Haggling with the Turks sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Any other suggestions on where to go in Istanbul?


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