Packing and Post Grad

Although I'm only going home for a little while for Christmas, and am not doing anything quite as selfless as Shikole (who talks about volunteering on Christmas Day here), I am facing a somewhat superficial dilemma. Packing.

I'm used to driving home for breaks. This gives me the luxury of bringing whatever I want back with me. Laundry? No problem! Summer clothes that I don't wear anymore/ need in my closet? Throw them in the trunk!

Since I'm only going to be home for a few days for Christmas I decided to take the train (to avoid wintery weather and car issues). This means I need to consolidate my clothing for three days + a bunch of presents into one small suitcase.

I'm sensing this whole packing phenomenon will be something I need to get used to. Especially since I'll probably be moving someplace else far away from home when I eventually leave Rochester. Still, it's tough to figure out exactly what you want to wear/ will need with you three days in advance.

This is where I need your help post grads. Send me your packing tips! And follow The Real Post Grad on blogger while you're at it! Thanks!!

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  1. It sounds weird, but if you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you can keep them from getting all wrinkly. And you get the added bonuses of saving space and having clothes that can fit around bulky items better.