My First Independent Christmas

I am not returning home for Christmas this year. I only get Friday off of work and can't afford anything but the bus that would require an entire day to travel. So instead I'm staying in DC for the holidays. For the first time.

I'm still torn about just how I feel about this. I know that realistically and financially this is the right choice. However, Christmas is a holiday meant to be spent with family. Every time I start to feel sorry for myself, though, I think about all those who can't even afford a meal for the holiday. Or those who have no home to celebrate it in. I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head and afford to eat.

So instead of being sad that I am not spending the holiday with my family, I'm donating my time to deliver meals to those who can't afford them. Food and Friends is an organization that provides meals to families that can't afford it because they are financing treatments for illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. They are struggling in more ways that just financially and I am happy to be able to help out in any way I can.

The holidays are a time to be grateful for what you have and help those who have less. In DC alone there are thousands of men, women and children who have no where to live and thousands more who are struggling to put food on the table. Donating 2 hours of my Christmas doesn't even seem like enough.


  1. I'm sure your first independent Christmas will be a little hard, but you should be proud of yourself for going through it and making the best of it! Donating your time to others on the holiday is a wonderful thing too...what a great idea. :) I hope you have a Merry Christmas, my dear!

  2. Thank you so much Kristen! Merry Christmas to you as well!