Mean Old Lady Syndrome

I guess I shouldn't classify my current actions under the term "mean old lady" because there are plenty of very nice ones. Unfortunately, after working at a retail store during my college breaks (Homegoods) that was frequented by this percentage of the old lady population, I have built up quite the stereotype.

These type of ladies are enraged when discounted bird statues aren't on sale for more than the 75% percent off markdown price. They complain about unswept sidewalks, huff over the fact that the bathroom is in the back of the store, and write down our names on their receipts so they can make sure to get us "in trouble" if there were any discrepancies.

Unfortunately, during the past week or so, I think I've started to become one.

I'm not sure if it's the suddenly freezing snowy weather, or other womanly problems bringing it out of me, but I have been quite the feisty "old lady" post grad lately. Last week, the road near my job wasn't plowed, leaving it an icy mess the next day. I called up the City of Rochester to complain.

Yesterday, I called up my landlord and told him that we NEED a new flusher chain on our toilet because the safety pin trick he keeps trying to make us use is just not cutting it anymore. He said he would see what he could do, and I said I'll see him within the next two days.

I then called him up again later that night to tell him that our lease states our driveway will be plowed if more than three inches of snow fall. We had about 8 or so yesterday, and I ended up shoveling the whole thing twice (with help from my very nice boyfriend)... no snow plows in sight. This morning he sent a plow over at 2am. Yes, it was annoying and woke me up- but at least it was done.

I think I might actually like this side of me. I've found that if speak my mind with confidence, people will eventually listen and do the things that should have been done in the first place. I hope to keep this part up. But, if you ever find me haggling down the price of glassware in a home decor store, please tell me to snap out of it.

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  1. hehe awesome! keep it up girls, love this blog~!