Let's get real. Shikole and I write a lot of advice posts on this blog about things we've learned so far as new post grads... but if you ever saw our gchat conversations, you would probably stop reading this all together. We're barely keeping our heads above water in this crazy post grad world, and sometimes I feel like I should be getting more advice than I'm giving.

Part of me still feels like a college student. Like I'm on an extended full time internship that will end soon and I'll be going back to school. It's not really that I miss being in college. I'm just in disbelief that it's over.

A few weeks ago, an article that I wrote for my company was published in an actual news publication. I brought the newspaper home for Thanksgiving to show my parents, and realized that it didn't really feel much different from when I used to do design/ writing for my college's magazine or newspaper. Except in this publication, my article was alongside professionals in an industry that I continue learn more about on a daily basis. These type of opportunities were things I strived for in college, to get my writing out there, to build up my portfolio. But now, it's really happening. This is what I've worked for and I'm almost indifferent.

This is where I enlist your help post grads. This time around I'm asking for advice. How do I snap out of it? How did you help you brain finally cope with the idea that you are no longer striving to break into the working world.. that you're now actually part of it?


  1. Maybe it's just me, (or maybe it's because I was older when I came to college) but it's not really any different. There's really nothing to mark where one ends and the next begins. It's kind of like when people ask me how it feels to be married: the same as non-married, just with a piece of paper and some legal stuff. Let that feeling of extended internship continue as long as you can, the realities of going to work every day in order to pay bills is crappy.

  2. thanks for the insight :). we'll see how long this internship phase carries on haha