End of the Semester

It's finals week, and I am so stressed about all of my papers, tests, and presentations. I can't wait until I get to go home for a month to relax after this insane semester.

This has been my thought process around this time of year for the past four years or my life. Insane stress levels that resulted in energy drink binges, late night study sessions, and finally that feeling of absolute freedom when it was all over.

This does not exist in post grad world. Well, the stress is still there, but it comes in a different form. For me, my work stresses revolve around writing and researching, because that's what I do all day. I try to write articles that people care about, and then stress about whether they are being read. The stress is lessened, but consistent.. where in the college world, you can have relatively a care free semesters, but a finals week that makes you want to rip your hair out.

As much as I miss parts of college, I think I like the post grad schedule stress schedule much more. What about you readers?


  1. I would enjoy the ability to skip work as I did class. Frequently and often for the purposes of sleeping.

  2. It's my first year out of college and I do not miss final stress at all. I enjoy work stress much, much more than any sort of school related stress (probably because I love my job so much). Now financial/life/big picture/adult stress? Give me college stress any day. :)