Take Time to Remember

By Allison Sass

As we become "grown ups" it's easy to forget about our lives before college. Remember those middle school days filled with braces and unfortunate outfits? Remember that secret crush you never had the courage to talk to, and the best friend that stood by you through anything?

Make sure you allow yourself some downtime to reflect on your past as this next phase of your life is getting started- it will help you put things into perspective.

To reflect, I often read over old journal entries from my middle school and high school days. I laugh at myself as I read about my worries at the time, but I also love reliving the feelings that go along with the everyday ups and downs of a young girl's life.

If you never kept a journal growing up, sift through a few old photos or take some time to relive memories with old friends or family.

Although we are beginning new chapters of our lives as college graduates, remember to remember the 21+ years that came before.


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