Grown Up Parties

By Shikole Struber

Have you ever noticed that if the host of a party provides food the party seems classier? Even if it's just chips and dip, or cheese and crackers, you tend to think more highly of the host and treat the party as a classier affair than one without food. 

In post grad world this principle is key. No longer do we cater our parties to getting completely smashed until all hours of the morning. Instead we give the excuse of food. BBQ, dinner party, pot luck. Don't get me wrong, these parties still have plenty of alcohol involved, but the food seems to make it more "Grown Up."

Instead of starting at 10pm, post grads start their parties at 7pm. Instead of a bowl of alcoholic Jell-O, there's a big bowl of potato salad. Instead of 30 racks of Natty Light, we now serve cheap wine or a slightly better cheap beer, like Blue Moon, my personal favorite.


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