Stay Stylish After Grad: Shoes

By Shikole Struber

The Cap and Gown are out. Now what do you wear?

Sweat pants, tee shirts and hoodies might have worked fine for class, but they won't get you hired. They might get you fired, though. Pajamas in public seem less acceptable post grad too.

For Women:

These shoes are cheap (Payless) and comfy. They are a step up from flip-flops but nothing too fancy. Perfect for work and even for play. They also come in grey/silver so they will fit all your needs.

For Men:

Men have fewer options for cute shoes. But these are affordable and basic so they can work well for a post grad. These particular shoes are sold at Sears.

No matter what you put on your feet, make sure it can't come back to kick you in the ass. You don't want your boss to see you in those shoes that are so old the soles are flopping around...

Where do you buy your affordable shoes?

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  1. i didn't just graduate but i now have a job that sweats, tees and flip-flops are off limits! THUMBS-UP