Obsession of the Week: Christmas Tree Shops

By Allison Sass

When I was younger, I used to have a hissy fit whenever my parents would drag me into the Christmas Tree Shop during our mall excursions. Absolutely nothing in the store interested me, and I hated dodging old ladies pushing their carts like maniacs to get the best deal.

Fast forward 6 or so years. When I got my first apartment in college, I heard from a friend that the Christmas Tree Shops were a great place to look for essentials like cookware, decorative pieces, and even food and toiletries. I decided to give the store another shot.

I walked into the store and wondered why I had resisted for so long. The store is filled with things that I like to call "extras". Finishing touches for your apartment, great gifts, and even exotic snacks. I think I spent about 20.00 my first visit and got a mirror, candles, curtains, a wall hanging, and a small rug.

Everything in this store is super discounted- they even have trendy jewelry that costs under 2.00! I would recommend this store for any post grad who is strapped for cash and looking to furnish their apartment, or in need of a gift.

Christmas Tree Shops are located across the country. If there's a shop located  near you, grab a cart, put on your game face, and show the other shoppers that you aren't afraid to fight for a deal! (non- violently of course)

What are you favorite places to shop for deals?

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  1. Christmas Tree Shops have long been a favorite of young and old alike. There is always something you just "gotta have" to make your shoppng experience a success. Also try Salvation Army (or as I fondlly refer to it as 'Aunt Sals') to find something to furnish your apartment or make your wardrobe interesting when you are trying to operate on a shoestring. There are usually many thrift or local consignment shops that are worth a "look see" as well.