Relax Friday Night

By Shikole Struber

Not every Friday night needs to be filled with excessive alcohol, too much time getting ready and lots of energy. There are plenty of ways to spend that time that are a lot more relaxing. After 5 days in the office and too little sleep, trust me relaxing is a blessing.

  • Board Game night. So much cheaper than going out. In the comfort of somone's home. There can still be beer.

  • A movie. I highly recommend Inception.

  • A movie at home. Rent one! So cheap. And you get your own couch to sit on!

  • Read a book. I have a stack I'm dying to read but can't seem to find time. Why not on a Friday night? In bed. With candles. And wine.

  • Hang with friends at home. Why go to a noisy expensive bar? Invite people over. Serve some chips and dip. And relax.

These are just a few suggestions. What other ways can you relax on a Friday night?


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