Eat, Pray, Love: Movie Review

By Allison Sass

When I saw the preview for Eat, Pray, Love, I was ecstatic. The movie (based on the best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert) seemed to combine my hopes and fears about relationships and life in general into one tidy package.

The movie itself follows Elizabeth Gilbert on her journey overseas to Italy, India, and Bali where she takes a year out of her life to explore pleasure and devotion. Gilbert was recovering from a failed marriage and failed post-marriage affair, and needed time to figure out who she was, without male attachment.

On her journey she comes into touch with her deepest emotions through meditation and the amazing people she meets in each country.

While this movie has all of the ingredients of a major chick flick, I wouldn't consider it one. It is more of a "journey" movie, focusing on the process of self discovery. It is a fantastic film for post grads who might be wondering if they are allowing their lives to pass them by. It certainly inspired me to examine certain parts of my post grad life.

At times, the movie was slow-moving and it's fairly long (almost 2 and a half hours). Aside from the length, I would recommend this movie to post grad guys and girls alike!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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