How Many Choices are Too Many?

By Shikole Struber

We all have that friend who is always indecisive. But what if if having too many choices really is bad for us?

We encountered this when applying to college. There are so many it's hard to choose. And even after we chose which to apply to, we then had to choose which one to GO to.

Now that college is over we are faced again with a plethora of choices that may be hindering us in life.

  • Grad School. Should you go? To which one? For what?

  • A mate. It's natural to wonder if there's someone better, but what about when that curiousity prevents you from choosing just one? The fear of settling down because there MIGHT be someone better.

  • A place to live. Should you try a new part of town? A different town/city/state/country altogether? If you aren't tied to a certain place, how do you choose where to go next?

  • A Job. There are so many you can apply to. What do you relly want to be now that you're a grown up?

There have been studies done that show too much choice is detrimental. Narrow your options. And try not to think about the "what if" factor. Instead try the "what is" factor.


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