By Allison Sass

I had a meeting with my boss yesterday to discuss marketing strategies and he brought up this excellent new-ish website called Not exactly related to marketing- but this website offers great deals for those living in metropolitan areas.

How does it work? The groupon deals are always significant - up to 50% off the normal price of a product (food, jewelry, clothing) or service (spa treatment, car inspection). But, they require a certain number of people to buy each coupon before they are put into effect.

For example, in Rochester, NY the deal for today is to pay 5.00 for 10.00 in food from the Classy Cookie Deli, which is actually a really cute place to eat down the road from my apartment. In order for the deal to go into effect, the deli required that at least 100 sign up and purchase the 5.00 coupon for it to go into effect. 100+ people signed up before 8am today.

Sound confusing? Check out for more explanations. As a post grad with limited funds, this website has become part of my daily morning check email and blogs ritual. Check it out and start saving today!


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