Don't Settle

By Allison Sass

There has been much talk in the media lately about celebrity matchmaker and Bravo Tv star Patti Stanger calling off her engagement because her fiance did not want children. At 49 years old, Patti knew exactly what she wanted from life and was not willing to compromise this part of the relationship. Since I have watched Patti in action on her television show many a time during my elliptical sessions at the gym, her focus on not settling really hit home with me.  In the post grad world- I think it's important to set a bottom line not only in your personal relationships, but also with the job you accept.

In the month between graduation and landing my current job, I was a country club waitress for a grand total of one day. My first night consisted of managers ignoring me, my coworkers either being outwardly nasty towards me or ignoring me, and getting yelled at by the kitchen staff for standing cluelessly in the busy kitchen since no one would tell me what to do. Thankfully, I met a sweet girl who was also fairly new who helped through the night. She even gave me some useful advice in reference to the country club, "if you can, don't work here"

It was that night that I realized my bottom line career wise is feeling comfortable and respected where I work. I expected the managers who promised me a lengthy orientation to follow through on their word, and I wanted to at least be civil with my coworkers. I quit the country club the following day after never quitting a job, or anything for that matter, in my life (besides horseback riding in 7th grade, and sometimes I still regret that decision).

There's no question that us post grads have to climb our way up the working ladder. But take some advice from Patti and I: figure out what matters to you most about your position and set your bottom line. If your employers fall below this, take steps to secure yourself a new job and move on. Don't settle for unhappiness. Although most post grad jobs might not be ideal, they should at least satisfy your basic requirements.

Have you ever ditched a job because it fell beneath your bottom line? Leave us a comment and tell us your story!


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