3 Things Worth Spending More On

By Shikole Struber

No I don't mean in stocks and bonds. Post grads don't usually have THAT much spare cash. But after graduation there are a few things worth investing larger than usual sums of money in or splurging a little on for piece of mind.

  1. A bed/mattress. Both are important. You spend a lot of time in bed so your mattress should be comfortable. It's acceptable to spend a little extra for it. And the bed frame itself is also important. Why buy a piece of shit Ikea bed that takes 2 hours to assemble and then falls apart as soon as there is a little vigorous activity on it? Invest in something sturdier.

  2. Shoes. Whether male or female you should invest in some sturdy shoes. You can't just take them off at work if they are bothering you. So make sure you spend a little extra for comfort and durability.

  3. Car/transportation. Once in a while it's ok to call in late because your car/bike broke down or the metro/bus is late. This excuse is not acceptable all the time though. Invest in whatever transportation you use. Make sure your oil is changed, tires are safe and aired, buy that iPhone app that has the bus schedule and delays on it. Being on time is more important than ever now, don't let transportation make you late.

Are there any other things a post grad should be willing to invest in?


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