5 Things I Love About Being a Post Grad

By Shikole Struber

Allison got her turn, now it's mine. Post grad is not all hard times. I've been having lots of fun too! Here are the 5 things I love most about being a post grad.

  1. The people I'm meeting. I have a new job, I have to do things and go places because of this job, my circle of friends is shifting with everyone moving and there are new additions being made. I love the friends I had through college, and am still in touch with most of them, but I'm loving all the new people in my life too.

  2. Sunday is now lazy laundry day. Instead of scrambling to get homework done on Sunday's I relax on the couch and do some laundry! Not exactly exciting, I know, but better than homework.

  3. I'm going to concur with one of Allison's and say I also love the possibilities. Nothing is holding me back from doing anything I want, anywhere I want. The possibilities really are endless.

  4. I actually need to go shopping. I need clothes that are appropriate for work. I cannot look like a bum and I sadly cannot wear sweat pants. Therefore I need to go shopping and have a legit reason to do so.

  5. I can read books for fun! There are so many books I've been wanting to read but never had the time because I needed to read what was assigned to me. Now I can enjoy what I read and do it at my own pace. I'm not sure why I didn't list this as number one because it's the best part!

What else is there to love about post grad?


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