5 Things I Love About Being a Post Grad

By Allison Sass

There is a lot of depression swirling around recent post grads at this time of year. The next few weekends are "move-in" weekends for colleges across the nation- with classes already up and running at many. It's at this time of the year that we get teary eyed walking through the "back to school" sections of stores, and inwardly hate every freshman family we see picking out twin X-long dorm sized comforter sets.

So let's snap out of it post grads! We can't go backwards. Here are five things I love about being a college graduate. Stay tuned for Shikole's five favorite things about post grad life, along with the views of a few contributors!

1. No homework. My "homework" in post grad life is my job, which I do for eight hours every day and get paid for. It's amazing to go home after work and have an entire evening free, and Sundays have taken on a whole new meaning!

2. A new location. While I miss Geneseo, I was ready to move out of the college town scene by my senior year. I love living in a city, being able to walk to things (other than class!), and experiencing a new way of life.

3. The chance to pursue my interests. This goes along with the no-homework thing, but I am loving that if I want to, I can take a workshop class on anything I desire (pottery anyone?) and not worry if it's going to improve my college resume.

4. Feeling responsible. Though I am not entirely financially independent, I'm paying for more than I did while I college. Paying my rent, utilities, health insurance, etc makes me feel that I am on my way to becoming independent.

5. Not knowing what the next four years hold. College can be fairly predictable.. class, party, extra curricular club, resume building, bar, internship, repeat. In the next four years I can do anything, or go anywhere I want to. The idea of endless possibilities is so exciting.

Comment with your five favorite things about post grad life!


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