Wine and Cheese

By Shikole Struber

Let's face it, after working 8-9 hours, plus the hour or so of communting, you're tired at night. But your friends still want to hang out, and drink, and blow off some steam. The thought of sitting in a bar though, with all those people and the noise and spending that hard earned money makes you want to vomit. Instead you would much rather relax with your friends in a quiet environment.

Enter the Wine and Cheese Party.

You can plan this party either around the wine or the cheese, whichever happens to be more important. Or you can have each guest bring a complete pairing. For a list of acceptable pairings you can visit

Some of the stand out combinations include:

  • White Ziffendel and cream cheese.

  • Reisling paired with gouda

  • Chardonay with mild cheddar

  • Cabernet Sauvignon with US brie


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