Is it ever OK to correct your boss?

No one is perfect. Bosses included. But can you tell them that? What if it's hurting the busiess or causing inefficiency?

What if you boss has a habit of wanting you to call people for him at the end of the day. At 5pm. When most offices close. You've tried to politely explain that you could not speak with the person he wanted and had to leave a voicemail because the office is closed. His response is to try calling again in 10 minutes.

What if you make all the edits that your boss requested and resubmit for approval, only for him to correct his own edits? Then you have to go back and undo everything you've just done. It's a waste of time.

Is it appropriate to point out these small things that are easily fixed? How should you go about doing it? And what if they don'y care? There's enough insecurity when starting a job, you shouldn't have to worry about correcting your boss on top of it.


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