The World of Smart Phones

Despite the fact that my job requires me to be up to date on the latest online marketing and social media techniques, I am verrrrry slow when it comes to adopting the latest and greatest technology gadgets. I have a 4 year old dell computer that is anything but glamorous, but perfect for getting the basics done. I own an iPad only because my boss gave them out to my company as a Christmas gift last year. Otherwise, I would have never made the plunge to own a tablet. For years I never upgraded my flip cell phone because I just didn't see the point. I'm cheap when it comes to technology, so this weekend I did something very out of the ordinary: I bought an iPhone 4s.

Once again, I wouldn't have done this if I didn't get a great deal on the whole purchase. Since I'm on my family's plan still, it only cost an extra 30 dollars per month to add a Verizon data plan phone to our family package (much better than the 115 a month it would cost me to have the same amount of data and be on my own plan.)

I also got the phone at a discounted price since I ordered it through Best Buy. I highly suggest doing this if you're considering upgrading your phone! Best Buy stores are now compatible with most cell phone providers, and they really don't push the hard sell on you like I've felt in the past at Verizon stores.

Here are some observations from my first week as an Iphone user

1. I keep forgetting that it's an actual phone since it looks like a mini iPad. Every time it rings or I get a text I'm surprised.

2. Connectivity is addicting.

3. I enjoy having a robotic assistant. I thought I wouldn't ever use the Siri iPhone 4s feature, but I use it all the time!

4. I've been taking way more photos than usual. This is actually one of the major reasons why I wanted to update to a smart phone. The camera on the iPhone is the same quality as many point and shoot cameras I've had in the past, and its much easier to lug around than my very nice, but very large, Cannon DSLR.

5. I've been tweeting more. Once again... connectivity is addicting!


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