Post Grads Love: Board Games

I think we have established that after graduation our energy levels and spending money both decrease drastically. What's a Post Grad to do?

There is really only one solution: reverting back to the activities you resented as a child.

When my mother would suggest playing a board game there was a collective groan let out by my sisters and me. over an hour having to converse with the family with nothing but a board and some cards between you? No thank you.

When my grandmother would suggest working on a puzzle, that same collective groan would escape our mouths. Spending time trying to make useless pieces fit together over and over even though you have already proven to yourself they don't fit? Yeah, awesome time.

I think the only thing missing was alcohol. That's why parents enjoyed board games and puzzles, they had wine and beer and vodka as they played!

So now, as Post Grads of legal drinking age, we can add the fun part to board games and have an inexpensive night in with friends. Of my favorites:

- Catch Phrase. You need at least 6 people but it is always a good time. Inside jokes encouraged.
- Monopoly. Classic. Betting is often involved in our games, and several references to the "official rules."
- Puzzles. Somehow the more you drink the more sense it makes. Until the next morning when you realize about 1/3 of the pieces actually fit together.

Now go Post Grads! Pop open the bottle of wine and have a cheap night in with your friends. Low key and inexpensive, exactly how we like it.

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