Goals for 2012

Happy New Year Post Grads!! I hope all of you are over your hangovers by now and starting to feel like a real person again. Now that we have made it through the horrid 2011, it is time to make our goals for 2012.

Now, I hate "new year's resolutions." It has the implication that we can only try to improve ourselves once a year. I would like to think that we can improve on ourselves whenever we feel the need. At the same time, though, I can see how a new year can inspire people to want to change.

I prefer making goals for the new year. I can add to the list continuously and update my goals as things change. And besides, no one references a "new year's resolution" between the months of March and October.

  1. Complete 1 short story or 3 chapters of my novel.
  2. Donate to charity once a month
  3. Read 30 books
  4. Take a writing class
  5. Give someone a chance who I normally wouldn't
  6. Be happy
What kinds of things do you all want to accomplish this year?

1 comment:

  1. I really want to keep working on my communication with my boyfriend, work on releasing stress and I definitely want to do at least one fitness competition!

    Reading 30 books...thats a interesting goal!