I'm Not Lost

The Associated Press, as well as other news outlets, have recently taken to calling us "The Lost Generation." All this based on the 2010 Census results that were released this week. While it is obvious that the recession did cause the record numbers of unemployment and living at home that came through in the the Census, the numbers have shown nothing of our determination.
Post Grads have it bad right now. We all know that, the numbers prove that, but the numbers aren't showing things like how many jobs we apply for a week, or how many basement apartments we look at in hopes of sharing with a friend to get out of our parents house.

I resent being called a Lost Generation. It implies that we no longer know what we want. In reality, I think we all know what we want, it is just more difficult to get it. Never the less, we are still trying.

The media needs to give our generation more credit. The statistics are grim but labeling us in a negative manner is not going to improve anything. We at The Real Post Grad want to encourage all of this so-called Lost Generation to prove the country wrong. Let's overcome these statistics and make something amazing!


  1. I totally agree that there is not a lot of credit being given to young people by the mainstream media. I think that older people's perspective on our situation is skewed, based on the way things used to be with no grasp of our reality. Older people see these statistics that show that more and more young people are living at home, are delaying marriage and child bearing, and they assume that it's due to laziness or fear of responsibility, because when they were young and money and opportunities abounded, those were the reasons that young people resisted change. We are not resistant to change or to responsibility-the opportunities are just not there and cost of living is out of control.

  2. I totally agree that the media and even our parents don't give us enough credit! We are trying as hard as we can. Thanks for this post.


  3. shikole for america, 2012.

  4. I agree so much with this! Although many young people may feel entitled to everything, I believe that a substantial number of us are truly working towards what we want. I think, at least in my case, is that I can't bare the thought of a minimum wage office job and I NEED a challage, something that will build me. I'm willing to wait just a little longer for "the right job," rather than take the first offer, which doesn't sit well with my parents and other adults.

    And I look at it this way...if we don't know what we want or do and don't know how to get it, what are we doing about it? We're blogging, networking, and utilizing the resources around us to build our resume and bridge social connections. We're working with what we've got to build a foundation.

    Wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing.