Liz Funk Book Tour Stop Today!!

Today is an exciting day! We have author Liz Funk here to answer any questions you might have about her life, the book, or her post grad experiences in general. This is the 1st book she is releasing in a 4 book series. More information can be found on the website.

We have one: Dear Liz, how are you already so succesful at 22??

Also, you can enter to win her e-book Coming of Age in a Crap Economy in the comments.
Here's how to enter (you have up to three chances)

1. Ask Liz a question!2. Tweet about the giveaway and mention CrapEcomony
3. Tweet about Liz's book and mention The Real Post Grad

Liz, if you wouldn't mind, can you begin by telling us all about what gave you the idea to write this book. We have been toying with the idea for almost a year and would love to know the story behind yours.


  1. Liz, do you have an author or journalist that inspires you to write? Any advice for an up and coming writer?

  2. What is the plan for the 2nd book in the series?

    - Sarah

  3. Oh! This looks like a fun read!!! what was your major in college ?

  4. Hi readers--thanks for the great questions and the enthusiasm!

    Jenny--I have so many favorite authors and journalists. I really love Leora Tanenbaum, the feminist writer and author of several books about women's issues, most recently BAD SHOES AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM, about how high heels can really hurt your feet. I'm also a big fan of David Sedaris, Curtis Sittenfeld, and Jane Pratt.

    I definitely recommend that up-and-coming writers get a community of fellow writers that they know and can collaborate with and can swap the things that they're working on to edit and critique for each other. When you're going at it alone as a writer, it's so important to have people to make it a fun, teamwork-y experience.

    Sarah--The next book in the series will cover how to make job hunting fun, how to start freelancing and starting your own business when you're sick of job hunting, and how to hold the makers of the recession responsible by not using credit cards and buying local.

    Rea--I was an English major! :)