Fireworks and FIsh

My sisters came to visit me for the 4th of July weekend. This is my lame excuse for being absent. It's hard to blog and hostess at the same time. But I am back! And have pictures to share from the adventures.

We went to the National Aquarium on Sunday. While that, in itself, is exciting, I also took the sisters on the metro for the first time. They were quite intrigued with the whole system, especially the fare cards and names of stations. They particularly liked Ballston, pictured below.

We also ventured to the National Aquarium where there were many a Finding Nemo reference, including voices. It's definitely not as big as other aquariums I have been too, and it doesn't have full sized sharks, but it is a lot cheaper than other aquariums and has really cool purple glow in the dark fish. I hope one day DC decides to upgrade to a respectable National Aquarium, but for now I guess it will do.
I also hosted a BBQ on fireworks day so that all my friends could see the new place. Somehow only a couple had before this weekend. Personally I think BBQ day was a hit, minus the failure of cooking those awful turkey burgers Roommate insisted on. At least we had beef as backup.

We got to watch the fireworks from the beautiful Air Force Memorial with a panoramic view of the city and all its monuments being illuminated. It's things like that that are going to make me miss DC a lot around the 4th when I no longer live here. I hope the rest of You had an equally amazing holiday weekend!


  1. This sounds like so much fun - sisters are the best! I love aquariums, so beautiful.

  2. The aquarium in Baltimore is awesome! It's much better than the one in DC.