Housing Search Etiquette

The entire process of finding a new place to live is difficult and stressful. A new home has several requirements before you can even consider moving in.

1. Location. Is it close enough to where you need to be.
2. Price. Can you afford it?
3. Roommates. Who will they be? Do you like them?
4. Timing. When would the lease start and end?
5. Utilities. Included? Extra? How does affect the price?

Most people include these details in their craigslist post. If they don't, you can ask about it. Those searching for roommates or a house are typically familiar with the process and are very accommodating to needs and questions. But what about those people who blow off meeting you after they already set up an interest appointment?
Sadly something like this occurred to me and my soon-to-be roommate during a search for a third. There was a girl who went to my high school that expressed interest in the last room available in the apartment. She was emailed an application and had told us she was coming into town to see the place in person. This might seem sketchy if it is a random stranger, but I went to high school with this girl so we thought it was legit.

That is until the day she was supposed to arrive. She had texted about when she was coming, and then all of a sudden, nothing. Soon-to-be roommate and I both called, texted and emailed in the days following asking if her travel plans had fallen through and to make sure she wasn't in a ditch somewhere. But we received no response.

If you don't show up to your appointment, you don't get the apartment. Just a word of advice to all those looking.


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