Winning: A Message to Our Readers

When I was in high school, I ran on the girls varsity track team for a few years. I wasn't the best runner on the team by far, and I wasn't the worst. I didn't mind falling somewhere in the middle because for me, track wasn't about the competitions at all. In fact, I would have been content to go to practices and avoid meets all together. I just liked running with my teammates, staying in shape, and feeling strong.

The coach of our high school track team was a well-liked social studies teacher. I remember being excited when I first joined the team because I thought he would have the same fun attitude about running that he had in the classroom. But something changed about this man when he moved from the classroom to the track. He went from being a funny/sarcastic teacher to being a mean/ sarcastic coach.

I dealt with his attitude for the most part, until one rainy track meet. I found out that I was going to have to switch my race last minute and my coach ended up putting me in one I didn't feel comfortable running. When I told him I was really nervous, he just said "It doesn't really matter how you do, you're not going to win anyway." In front of the whole team.

He is what I aspire not to be as I develop in my post grad career and as a human being in general. People like this are why Shikole and I blog in the first place. We try to remind you that while there will always be haters out there, you have two twenty-something girls in your corner, rooting for you to achieve the most you can as a post grad. We try to let you know that for every awkward, exciting, terrifying, and exhilarating post grad experience you have, we are right there besides you, feeling the same things.

Here's what I wish my track coach would have told me when I doubted myself, "I know you're feeling scared, but you'll finish this race, and I'll be there cheering you on until you do." That's our message to all of you readers. Please remember it every time you doubt where your post grad life is heading.

We appreciate each and every reader that takes time out of their days to read about our lives. We hope you'll keep coming back!

And to my former track coach: I'm still running, and while it may never be up to your standards, I'm fine with that......I hope you like my book.

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  1. Ugh. What a dick. I had a softball coach like that, and I'm not talking competitive high school softball. I play on Sundays with this really great, family friendly league. The guy was pretty nice off the field, but on the field? Forget it. His favorite phrase? "You're not a home run hitter." We (my hubs and I) finally got to the point where we left every week angry, so we switched teams. We don't win every time, but we have a damn good time every single week.
    The best part? In our new team's first game against the old one, coach man (who was pitching) pulled everyone in closer because clearly anything I hit couldn't get very far. I hit it over their heads and ended up with a triple. Best revenge ever.