Where Should I Go Next?

My next trip won't be until next year, when my tax return comes in again, but I have Travel Fever now and want to start looking into options. And I need your help readers! I want your input and suggestions about where I should head next.

Some ground rules:
- I don't want to go anywhere typical. Eventually I'll do the European tourist thing, but for now I want to steer clear of most of Europe. No France, Spain, Italy.
- My decisions will be influenced a lot by price, so Australia is probably out.
- I like adventure, I don't want to go anywhere without that

Some places I am considering:
  1. Iceland. Natural hot springs, geysers, tranquil beauty. Also the potential to see the Northern Lights which is on my bucket list. There are also glacier and cavern tours.
  2. Guyana. Tours of the rain forest and the Essequibo River. I have always wanted to visit the rain forest. Well, except for the potential of deadly bugs and snakes.
That is as far as I have gotten with my list. I am open to other suggestions, as long as they fit the above criteria. Help me figure out my next adventure!

1 comment:

  1. Go to Croatia or some of the Balkan Peninsula. Not as well known, and some great exotic locations that are fantastic.