Break Time

Walking is my absolute favorite lunch break activity. It gives me the chance to get away from my desk and out into the sunshine. Any of the stress from that morning goes right out the window during that half hour of freedom. Sometimes I just walk around the city blocks here, but more often than not I head to my favorite destination: High Falls.
High Falls is a small historic area of Rochester that happens to be located a few blocks from my office. The waterfall looks like it's exploding from the cityscape, and the streets surrounding the falls are cobblestone with quaint buildings. Today I remembered my camera and snapped some shots during my break, enjoy! By the time I walked back to my office it was too warm for my winter coat. Maybe spring has finally decided to come pay us a visit?

The Kodak building is on the way to High Falls from my office. Definitely a Rochester landmark.

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  1. Beautiful! I wish I could walk around such amazing landmarks. :)