Are You in a Good Mood? 5 Ways to Make it Happen

I can't put my finger on why, but for the last two days I have been in a strangely good mood. At first I thought sunshine might be the reason, but it was plenty sunny last week and my mood was foul. Then I thought maybe it was because I had the luxury to work at a normal speed instead of warp for a little while. (I'm not convinced this isn't the reason. )

It got me thinking, though, what can always, no matter what, put you in a good mood? A couple of mine are below.

  1. YouTube video of baby laughing hysterically. This just came out so it is a recent addition to my list, but how can you not start laughing with her?
  2. A great meal with great people. Last night my roommates and I went to BDs Mongolian BBQ for dinner. It was fantastic to get out of the house, away from work, and enjoy great food with people I enjoy being around.
  3. A pedicure. (Sorry, this might be just for the women) Foot massage and pretty toes. It's relaxing and I'm always in a good mood afterwards.
  4. Sunlight. All winter Allison and I complained about it being dark before work, dark again after work, and not getting any sunlight. Going outside just for a few minutes in the sunlight will make my mood infinitely better.
  5. I know it sounds corny, but donating always puts me in a better mood. Whether it's clothes to Goodwill or $20 to St. Judes, giving always helps my mood.
What puts you in a good mood?

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  1. Great post! Sunlight definitely is a mood booster. Sometimes I go tanning in the winter (I know its bad but..) just to feel like I got some sun! Spring always puts me in a better mood so I hope it hurries up!