Why Blog? Chapter 1

Blogging is all the rage these days and I don't just mean for personal use. Everyday more businesses take their ideas off paper and into the online universe. This being said, I am going to give you the most valuable piece of advice I can at this stage in my career. Ready?

Start a blog!

My blogging experience is one of the major reasons why I landed my current job. Not because the content aligned with the company I was applying for, but because it showed that I have a thirst for knowledge and a flair for creativity.

Blogs, great blogs anyway (more on that in Chapter 2), also show commitment and dedication to a subject. Whether that subject is birdwatching, photography, or classic cars, you take it upon yourself to seek out this information and write about it for the entire Internet world to read. If you can commit to a blog, potential employers will see that you have the ability to commit to their company

My last tip for this installment is to make sure the subject you choose is unique, or at least includes your own unique spin on a topic. I know writers out there who have blatantly stolen ideas from me before, but I've never really worried. Why? I knew their writing wouldn't be authentic. When you are blogging, your voice shows through. If you are trying to portray a voice or interests that really aren't your own, your readers will be able to tell.

Blogs are personal, so let your voice shine through and commit to writing about something you are actually passionate about. I'll see you next week for Chapter 2 of this series!

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