My Top Times of 2010

2010 was by far better than 2009. I believe every one of my close friends, as well as myself, were counting down the days until that horrid year came to a close. Thank goodness it brought in 2010. I'm not saying this year was all good, but I'd like to share with you my top 7 experiences of 2010.

1. Graduating College. Finally. After 4 years. We succeeded post grads!
2. Landing a job a mere week after graduating. I'm not sure if I'm lucky or THAT
stubborn, but it happened and it was amazing.
3. Successfully cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey. I brined it and everything.
4. Pirate Bar during Shark Week. Yes we dressed as pirates. And there were shark themed drinks!
5. Snowpocolypse. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.I'm serious, no school or work for 2 weeks but my car got plowed in.And the shovel snapped in half. And we ran out of wine. And there was 4.5 feet of snow.
6. I got my second tattoo, and it's about time. I've been talking about doing it for over a year. This one was for my Dad.
7. I don't really have a number seven yet. There are still 8 days left in 2010. I'm hoping number seven hasn't happened yet.

What were your best times of 2010 post grads? Share with us!


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