I'm a Carrie.. Kind Of..

Disclaimer: Dear readers, If you are not a girl/ Sex and the City fan, you may want to scroll down a few paragraphs. Or read another post...

Today at work as I edited something for my boss, I had this revelation: I'm a writer. I thought I would know this already, since my job pretty much entails writing all day long.. but for some reason I viewed being a writer as this sort of glamorous and unattainable position. I blame Sex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of Sex and the City, is a freelance writer and dater extraordinaire. She pretty much embodied how I saw my post grad life unraveling way back in high school. Everyone identified with SATC characters back then, and while I most definitely was a Charlotte personality wise, I longed to someday be a Carrie in the career department. The desire to work for a huge publication and write a column about my life didn't subside until one day in the beginning of my senior year in college.

One quiet afternoon, I sat at my desk and gazed out of my apartment window, job listings flooding my laptop screen. I couldn't help but wonder (If you didn't catch this Sex and the City reference, shame on you..), could I actually be a writer like Carrie?

I started to research journalist salaries, spoke to one of my favorite professors, and analyzed my current qualifications. The answer I found? No, at this point in my life, I unfortunately cannot be Carrie Bradshaw.

I should have seen this coming, considering the show wasn't even close to reality. To deal, I instead chose to look for positions that involve writing as a major component, and eventually was led to where I am currently working. Is my job glamorous? No. Do I work from home in my trendy Manhattan apartment that I can magically afford based on my freelance income? No. But I do have stability, and I do get to write every single day. I've begun to seek out personal writing in other ways. This blog is one of them (surprise!) and I recently started another called Spare Change Living.

So while I'm not living the Carrie Bradshaw dream writer lifestyle, I am most definitely still a writer. Someday in the future maybe I'll reconsider attempting the freelance lifestyle, or maybe not, I have years to see how my life will turn out. I'm content being a Charlotte for now.


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