The Simple Things

Last night I stayed in. I planned on drinking some wine and reading Cosmo to unwind from the week. Instead it ended up being house bonding night with cards and Rockband and drinks. Other than the hangover this morning, it was the best night I've had in a while.

Today I went with a few friends to the National Portrait Gallery. I had never been before and there were some really great exhibits open, like Elvis at 21. I didn't realize he was so sexy. Norman Rockwell also had an exhibit open which was really good. I must say the "Jury" portrait was my favorite.

The point of my little anecdotes is that the simple things in life are important and make you happier than you might think. I've been in a bad mood all week and these two very simple things made me very happy again. You don't need to go out or do something special. Being able to relax and be yourself and enjoy the company of friends is the best feeling in the world. So post grads, go relax!


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