Save Me

By Shikole Struber

I'm drowning.  This week has been a brutal one at the office. A coworker was out sick for 2.5 days and I had to cover for him. And we were being audited today, so I had to prepare for that. And my boss's wife is a week and a half overdue with her baby, so he has been unexpectedly at the doctor's office. Oh, and I don't get tomorrow off for a holiday.

While everything is going and my adrenaline is up and my focus is on, it's great and I'm in my element. But if my focus is off, even just a little, or I stop for a second to breathe that's it. I get so overwhelmed. My job is not in the field I studied. I've picked up some things but for the most part I still feel like an outsider in IT world. And the past few days when I've been doing so much that isn't even in my job description I've felt like I was drowning.

And then I had a minor change of heart when I realized I have some new things to add to my resume. Have you ever prepared a small business for a state level payroll audit? I hadn't either until now but you can bet it's going to be added to my resume. All the stress will at least impress a future employer. Have you ever written an RFP? Do you even know what an RFP is? I didn't either. I was given the assignment, figured it out, wrote it, and it was accepted with only minor additions.

While I have been feeling like my lungs are filling with water lately, the air has finally started to replace it.


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