Sanity Restoration

By Shikole Struber

The Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear occurred in DC this weekend. It was quite an experience to attend. I don't think I had ever been at a rally here that had so many people in agreement on something (in this case that politics and the media that cover them are getting out of hand and needs some sanity restored to it.) Most others were political and very  partisan with many counter-activists. This one felt more like the country was unified, except for maybe the confused media.

There were a plethora of witty signs to accompany the confusion. As well as songs and chants and some tree climbing. For some reason several of the grassy areas of the National Mall were closed off by fences. No one was sure why. But someone started a chant that went "Restore common sense. Take down the fence."

The rally also included the most inclusive groups of people I have ever seen in one place. There were small children, older citizens, people of every race and ethnicity, people of several religions and earning classes, and people from all over the country. I was absolutely amazed at how well all these people got along as well. It really was a rally where we were all just friends. Except for one woman who decided to scream in a shrill voice at people who stepped on the grass like it was her job to discipline them. That woman was not our friend. It was also very entertaining because it was Halloween weekend and several rally participants were in costume. We witnessed Quail Man (personal favorite), Cookie Monster, a Duck, a Cave Man, a Nun (yes I', sure it was a costume, it was a dude) and many many more.

I think the rally was a step in the right direction for the country. Hopefully it will decrease the overly exaggerated, fear inspiring media stories and increase the rationality and common sense of the nation. It was comforting as a post grad to know that at least some other people are on the same page as us.


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