Day Dates

Since we work alternating schedules at the moment, it's pretty difficult for my boyfriend and I to find time to see each other. We work it out somehow, but most of our dates occur in the evening, and consist of eating together or watching a movie, while we are both exhausted. This Sunday, we magically both had off from work during the day and decided to make the most of it.

We drove out to Buffalo (about an hour drive from Rochester, where I live) and went to the Albright Knox Art Gallery (my idea) and the Buffalo Zoo (his). It was probably one of the best day dates we've had, and definitely our first one in a longgg time. This something I've had a hard time adjusting to as a post grad.

The main advice I can give to any post grads out there in similar situations is to make sure that you plan ahead for you date nights/days. If you don't make official plans, it's likely that things will come up and your time together will be even more limited.

Also, make sure that when you plan day dates, or any dates for that matter, that both of you get the chance to do something fun. When I mentioned how much I wanted to go to the art gallery in Buffalo, I watched the light fade from my boyfriend's eyes and knew this probably wouldn't be his idea of a great daytime activity. Luckily (since we planned ahead) he did a little research about the zoo and we ended up each getting to something together that we really enjoy.

I'll leave you with this picture of a Kodiak bear, which we saw at the zoo. I wanted to keep him as a pet.


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