By Shikole Struber

Football is a fantastic reason to sit on the couch with your buddies and hang out. We have done posts before about inexpensive ways to have fun and also different ways to meet people. Football. It's free to watch. It's cheap to drink if every guest brings a 6 pack. And if you open up the invitation to friends of friends it's really easy to broaden your circle of friends or even meet a new love interest. At the very least you get to watch men play the game in those tight little pants.

Football is magical. It's not just about the game, even though that's important too. You can find out a lot about a person by watching a game with them. Are they team loyal? Or state loyal? Do they just root for the team that's likely to win? Do they always root for the underdog? How do they react when there is a touchdown? How about when there's one by the other team? How much do they listen to the other people in the room when there is debate about a call?

Pay attention to the games and go meet some new people. Go Team!


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