Some Advice for College Readers

By Allison Sass

The Frisky post we shared below touched a nerve with me as I was once (a few months ago) one of those college students who chose to complete a major they loved (Communication, more specifically Journalism & Media Studies) that did not necessarily provide me with a clear-cut future or what some may view as a "well-rounded" education.

I think I felt the wrath of the Communication major stereotype most during my Sophomore year of college when I lived in dorm that was full of pre med majors who often expressed how the Communication major was "the easy way out". It was during this semester that I decided I was going to make the absolute most of my major, not for the benefit of my judgemental peers, but instead to prove to myself that I wasn't wasting my time.

Here's a secret that many undergraduates don't always realize.. unless you plan on pursuing a career that leads directly into some sort of graduate program, your undergraduate major doesn't matter so much. As one of our commenters Jenny mentioned a few posts down, employers want to know that you can be dedicated to something and that you have the drive to progress academically.

So listen up all of my Communication, Anthropology, Gender Studies, English, Art History, Theatre, Independent Studies, and countless other open-ended majors- you are not alone and you can succeed! You don't have to have regrets like the author of The Frisky article. If you feel like your college classes are not giving you the well-rounded experience you desire, seek it out on your own.

Join clubs and community groups, take internships, and read up on topics of interests during your college breaks. If you have a passion for your major, you will find ways to excel in it outside of the classroom.

It may take longer than your friends on track to law school, graduate school, or med school, but with a little patience and perseverance, it's possible for anyone to make the most of their major!

Leave us a comment and let us know how you made your "useless" major work for you!

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  1. Totally agree with what you said about others looking down on comm majors. I was a public communication major myself and everyone else would give me shit about it, even my roommate who was a fellow p-comm major. But then I read one of their papers or was asked to edit one and I realized that they would have never cut it in communication. They can't write at all!

    I also liked what you said about college classes not giving you the experience you want. I really got into marketing through social media, so I experimented on my own, read blogs about the future of social media, and found an internship where I could use it. Greatest thing I ever did because now my job is using social media in recruiting and marketing.

    Great post!