Indulge in Your Passion

By Allison Sass

When living in the post grad world, extra curricular activities that may have defined who you were in college basically vanish. Suddenly, you are working for 8 hours a day and are exhausted.. missing the days when you were "stressed" over the fact that you had a magazine layout session and paper to complete in one weekend.

Whether you were involved in a club like the college magazine or newspaper, a greek organization, a musical group, or any other extra curricular activity, once you're out of college you realize quickly that it's up to you to create your own non work-related activities.

One thing I am hopefully going to be doing for the next month is a photography workshop, so that I can make use of my digital slr camera and potentially meet some others interested in photography in the area. Google workshops in your city and I guarantee you'll find a workshop that suits you! Believe me, there is everything from self-defense courses to knitting out there!

Something I miss about Geneseo (that has nothing to do with academics) is the art building's awesome practice rooms where I could play piano to my heart's content. I recently purchased an affordable keyboard, so I can now practice in my apartment! Craigslist is an excellent resource for musical instruments if that is where your passion lies- just remember to use caution, as with any online site.

What about you readers? How have you indulged in your passions in your post grad lives?


  1. I've actually found myself interested in too many things with too little time and wishing I had indulged more at my alma mater when there are more people with similar interests and way more time. Yesterday, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do --e.g. learn a language, play an instrument, get my motorcycle license, learn a martial art. I wrote down my plan for each passion I want to indulge but some of them are going to be shelved for quite a while. My plan: focus on one or two and get really good at them, and schedule the rest in as the schedule of the post grad life falls more into place.

  2. The oppurtunities are endless, and I think that is so exciting. I just want to point out for everyone that you can audit classes at your alma mater for free in most cases. I'm looking forward to trying out a Spanish class, or an art class. I always wanted to take a course in ceramics, but I wasn't able to fit it into my cramped schedule as an undergraduate.